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Smug Mug || Ciel


The old musky orange van was parked outside the apartment complex was in desperate need of a wash; Dried mud was lathered into the grill and dust covered the windows. A little message saying “wash me” was written into the back window, though it was Mario who self-deprecatingly put it there in the first place as a reminder to himself once he dropped off his last delivery for the night. He hopped that it would begin to rain and he walked to the front door; He hadn’t smelled that cold, wet earth smell since a week back while taking Una and Hana down to one of the local parks.

The delivery boy took his first steps into the building with indifference. It wasn’t like the place was any different from most other decent apartments; A few potter plants, some vending machines, and a table with accompanied chairs stood in the lobby. He was tempted to stop and grab a Payday or two, but he figured that getting this taken care of was a high priority. He took the elevator up to the forth floor, then exited it and took the path down the right hallway. He followed the red carpet and white, sterile walls down to his destined door.

He approached the door with package in hand like he normally did; One arms hand stuck in a pocket and the other wrapped over the package and held safely to his side. He rang the doorbell and waited. Though he did not wait long, while he did his stomach grumbled; The halls were starting to remind him of red velvet and vanilla frosting, even though it smelled of fresh bleach.

The door finally opened. Mario raised his brows; A familiar face greeted him.

"Hey there, ya smug mug." He grinned. "I haven’t seen ya in a while. How ya been? Is your nose still crooked from last time?" He attempted to poke his neck into Ciel’s home.

"Does somebody else live here with you? Like, a roomate?" He didn’t believe that Ciel was the one he was delivering to tonight.

The bell. Perfect. It had to be his shipment—anyone else would have just sent a text saying that they had arrived. “Yeah, yeah. Hang on a minute!” Immediately, his fingers stopped clacking along the keys of his laptop. After a couple mouse clicks to save his editorial, he closed the device, fetched his keys from the table and answered the door. His eyes widened a fraction.

"You!" He cracked a grin and leaned against the door. That was odd. He couldn’t remember ever having given the man his address. "It has been a while. My nose? Crooked? Never. Can’t say the same about yours though, can we?” Ciel, of course, had no idea whether or not Mario had ever broken his. It wasn’t that kind of misalignment he was talking about. For so long a nose, however, it had a rather significant curve—not quite the straight-as-a-ruler appendage to match Pinocchio’s.

He glanced casually over his shoulder, following Mario’s line of sight. “Um. Yeah, actually. I got a roommate. Or three.” There was no way he’d be able to afford such a large flat on his own. Although it was nice to have more room to spread out his projects, it wasn’t the luxurious size that had initially drawn him to his home, but the location. “Only a twenty-minute trip by subway,” he mumbled, referring to the average length of his commute to work.

For the first time, Ciel’s large amber eyes flitted down to the parcel in the deliveryman’s arm. “Oh!” A lightbulb went on over his head. “That’s for me.” He assumed. Enchanted fabric from a peculiar looking acquaintance. It made sense. “D’you need me to, uh, sign for that?”

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the boy who flew


i’ve moved because of development and stylistic reasoning.
this blog will be up and running again by tomorrow night.
for now? it’s kind of broken, kind of outdated. sit tight. thanks.

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